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Timber Treatment


In-situ Timber Treatment IrelandWe offer a service of in-situ timber treatment using a range of products manufactured by industry leaders -The Wykamol Group.

We specialise in:

  • The eradication& prevention of woodworm infestation
  • The eradication of wood-rotting fungi - both dry rot, Serpula lacrymans and wet rot, Coniophora cerebella
  • Timber resin splicing
  • Visual Strength Grading of Timbers

We carry out remedial timber treatment works using only the latest technologically designed chemicals for safe but effective treatment. Our timber treatment works are rated for one hour re-entry and cause minimum disruption to householders and other contractors working in the property.

Our methods for timber treatment include drilling and injection with boron gel for large section timbers and low pressure spraying of roofing timbers, flooring timbers etc. We also offer treatment by fogging method to inaccessible areas such as sub-floors. Where problems of dry rot and wet rot are encountered our services include the treatment of masonry with fungicidal chemicals.

In situations where large section timbers have decayed but require to be retained, we offer a system of in-situ repair using resin based systems.

We are pleased to offer a service of visual strength grading of timbers in existing buildings and timbers for use in new buildings.

We also offer a timber resin splicing service using the Timber Resin Spilcing System (TRS) manufactured by Property Repair Systems of Devon. 

TRS splicing is a system of repairing structural timbers in-situ (trusses, bressummers,tie beams, rafters, joists etc.) using timber to timber resin/bar connectors. TRS technology, backed by sound structural engineer calculated strength, enables us to repair in-situ structural timbers at the bearing end, mid span or in partial section providing the following major benefits:-


  • Minimum damage to parent timbers.
  • Butt jointed splices which do away with the need for further pockets in support walls.
  • Cosmetic appearance – can be made in matching timber, including hardwoods. No unsightly steel splices, plates etc.
  • Highly cost effective.
  • Manufacturer guaranteed for the life of the parent timber.
  • Using renewable materials.


Woodworm Timber Treatment Ireland




Please contact us on (01) 288 1765 to discuss in more detail how our service could help with any timber issues you may be experiencing.