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Damp Proofing IrelandThere are many building types found in Ireland and therefore no one system of damp-proofing is effective in all cases. We have a range of systems that can provide a solution to all problems of dampness using one or a combination of methods as follows:

  • CementitiousTanking Systems
  • Chemical Damp Proof Course
  • Ventilated Lining Membranes
  • Lectros Electro Osmotic System
  • Clear façade coatings

Damp Proofing Products

Many of the buildings that suffer from problems of dampness are protected structures and we can tailor remedial treatment works to cause minimal disturbance of the fabric.





Damp Proofing Specialists in Dublin Please contact us on (01) 288 1765 in order to discuss a specific problem and we will be pleased to advise on the most suitable method in order to solve your dampness issues.