What are the risks of leaving “minor” dampness problems untreated?

What are the risks of leaving “minor” dampness problems untreated?

Damp living conditions are one of the biggest reasons for structural damage and an eventual depreciation in property value; by not taking care of “minor” dampness you allow it to attract certain wood-eating fungi and insects that cause much greater problems. It is caused by there being more water vapour in the air than is physically possible meaning it has to attach itself to surfaces. Speaking in both financial and health terms there is no benefit to leaving it untreated only negatives. You might say that it costs money for remedial treatment but the price for a solution once it has taken on a large scale will be considerably larger. Here are two of the biggest factors in why you should not leave it to chance when it comes to dampness.


  • This is a fungal infestation that thrives on damp living conditions. There are ways to identify if you have a mould problem from an off-putting scent and discolouration on the walls or ceiling. By not treating this you are vulnerable to permanent timber destruction as it eats away at the wood. The mould itself also releases toxic fumes which lead to health risks such as respiratory problems and skin conditions which can range from mild to severe.

  • Removal is easy if caught early; you can either visit a DIY store and pick up an anti-fungal treatment which used in conjunction with cleaning of the area should remove its presence. You can also repaint with fungicidal paint designed to stop mould reoccurring. If the mould has caused structural damage or is too large then you should contact a professional contractor immediately and they will eradicate the problem using industrial strength products.


  • These are not in fact worms but beetles who feed on damp timber. Their manifestation starts when an adult lays its eggs on the or in the wood and the hatched grubs feed on the surface. This can cause huge structural damage so must be treated efficiently. You can identify their presence by little holes in the floor boards or respective wooded area within your property.

  • There are sprays you can purchase from DIY stores but there is no assurances that this will prevent them from showing up again as often there are eggs buried deep below. It can take years to completely eradicate woodworms so seeking out professional help or preventing dampness from ever occurring are the only two assured remedial methods.

Hopefully you have gathered from this information that leaving dampness, no matter how “mild” it appears, is never a good idea. This is also of even more significance if you live or work with children, pets or elderly people. Never take a chance when it comes to your health and property sustainability. Taking the necessary precautions should not be seen as a cost but merely as a down payment for living in the safe knowledge that your home is in a good condition.


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