How Quigley Preservation Ltd. treatments will bring your property back to its full market value

How Quigley Preservation Ltd. treatments will bring your property back to its full market value

Over the years your home will experience great wear and tear in terms of structural capabilities and quality of appliances, both of which can greatly diminish its market value. If you neglect to have a professional contractor perform check-ups on your property every once a while then you run the severe risk of encountering expensive problems in the long run. Quigley Preservation Ltd. offers highly qualified professionals that are skilled in identifying potential damages to a house while having the tools to efficiently fix them. They offer a number of services which can help bring your property back to its upmost value.

Timber Treatment

The foundations of our property are susceptible to certain wood-eating organisms when certain optimum conditions arise; this generally being dampened infrastructure. If your home is ineffectively dealing with trapped moisture then you run the risk of attracting woodworm and mould infestations, both of which cause timber destruction. Quigley Preservation Ltd. can eradicate these problems using specially designed equipment and methods such as injections of boron gel and spraying for roofing areas. The task can be completed in as little as one hour proving there is no replacement of structures needed. If there is, however, then they can tend to this also by using timber resin splicing.

Damp Proofing

As discussed above, dampness is a leading cause for attracting unwanted structural problems. To prevent this from happening Quigley Preservation offers a damp proofing check-up and treatment service along with implementing new effective methods into your existing system. Examples of the type of options available, depending on your building type, are chemical damp proofing course, ventilated lining membranes, clear façade coatings, CementiousTanking systems, and Lactros Electro Osmotic System. By having top-of-the-line damp proofing in place you reduce the risk of property damage which in turn increases property value.

Water Proofing

The leading cause for structural damage amongst all others is water damage. This accounts for huge financial losses for both households and businesses. Having a solid water proofing system in place is vital for ensuring no drop in market value occurs. Quigley Preservation provides high quality services in this area such as in-situ concrete basement structures, green roofs, tunnels, etc. along with remedial treatment for damaged structures. The products that the highly skilled workers use are some of the best in the business e.g. a wide range of water resistant paint coatings and injection systems for sealing cracks.

Condensation Control

Trapped condensation leads to a whole host of problems as mentioned previously, the most damaging being mould infestations. Quigley Preservation specialists can get rid of your property’s mould and offer advice on how to prevent it from occurring in the future. They can also reduce the chances of it happening again by installing proper ventilation systems and improving the structure’s air barriers.

To summarise, by choosing Quigley Preservation Ltd. you not only get efficient remedial treatment for all of your property needs but also gain valuable knowledge on how to prevent future mishaps occurring and receive the most modern products which will insure your property value never diminishes.

So call us today on (01) 288 1765 or contact us via our online form and see how we can help you now.

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