How long does waterproofing last?

How long does waterproofing last?

A huge necessity for both new and old houses alike is waterproofing yet many households still lack the adequate protection in this area. There are certain areas of within the home that require extra attention such as the bathroom or basement as these are the most susceptible places for water seepage to occur. It is not just simply protecting your infrastructure against yearly rain but also the moisture that attacks your property within the walls. When we talk about waterproofing we are referring to setting up a protective membrane to the walls surface so that no water leaks into the naturally porous concrete. If this is not done then you become vulnerable to serious rotting timber conditions such as mould and wet rot.  Believe it or not these tend to be the biggest reasons for home maintenance cases brought to contractors.

The length a waterproofing solution can last varies but many professional suppliers will give you at least ten years warranty so you should expect to have it for a good while. This obviously depends on the climate you live in, the amount of electrical appliances that produce steam within the household and the modernity of your infrastructure; if your home is old then you may require more regular check-ups and replacement of existing waterproofing. There are also many DIY methods to waterproofing your home as well and keeping your infrastructure dry such as purchasing water-resistant paint and applying it to your walls or buying drainage membranes for both internal and external drainage.

If you are searching for a professional contractor to administer your waterproofing, then there are a variety of options available. These are usually dependent on the location in which the system will be going e.g. the bathroom, attic, basement, etc. Examples of such systems are hot applied bitumen and UV resistant paint coatings, or drainage membranes as discussed previously. They all perform in a different way but the end result is the same; keeping out water.  It is best to take this step before waiting for an accident to happen and then doing so. If you notice bad smells or discoloration in your walls then it is probably already too late as you most likely have rotting which has built up gradually. You will need to repair this damage and install a brand new waterproofing system if this occurs.

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